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A Guide to Tottori Museums

Tottori Prefectural Museum


Location: Tottori

The Tottori Prefectural Museum was established at the Hisamatsuyama Shimo-Tottori Castle Ruins and opened on October 1, 1972. It houses more than 3,000 materials of "Art" and “History and Folklore”.

Thg Sand Museum


Location: Tottori

The museum is Japan’s only open-air museum exhibiting sculptures made of “sand.” Katsuhiko Chaen, who is now active domestically and abroad as a sand sculptor and producer, is attracting attention as one of “100 Japanese individuals the world respects,” is the executive producer of the museum. The highest level of sand sculptures in the world are exhibited every year, inviting sand sculptors from around the world.

Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography


Location: Houki

The museum exhibits works of a photographer Shoji Ueda (March 27, 1913 - July 4th, 2000) who has left a lot of famous photographs using the unique method to lay out the photographic models as surrealist compositional elements with realistic depiction.

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